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Welcome to Bali Hotels Association

In previous years, the objectives of Bali Hotels Association focused on the promotion of our fabulous destination and unique culture around the world. 

Since 2020 and due to the current pandemic, the association has to adapt and adjust with a strong priority is now given to support the community, the environment, and the education of our colleagues.

Our mission is also to provide visitors and travel partners with the most updated and accurate information regarding the evolving situation in the Island of Gods.

We hope that you find this website useful and while we are looking forward to welcoming you very soon, we stay at your entire disposal for any further information you may need.

Warm Regards,

Jean Hélière
BHA Chairman 2021

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Bali Hotels Association is a professional group of star rated hotels and resorts in Bali. Members include General Managers from 157 hotels and resorts in Bali that represent more than 27,148 hotel rooms and almost 35,849 employees in tourism sector.

One of the objectives of BHA is to support and facilitate the development of communities, education and environment in Bali. BHA has initiated many projects involving the association members as well as the people in the industry. Only by supporting each other this long term projects can be achieved and benefits everyone in the island.
Our Vision
To keep Bali as the most desirable tourism destination in Asia through the warmth and hospitality of its people.

Our Mission
To bring together all General Managers of hotels, villas and resorts in a non-competitive environment, to exchange information on matters of general interest, to have a common voice on issues pertaining to the tourism and hospitality industries in support of Bali as a destination.

To support and facilitate the development of Balinese community, education and environment initiatives in Bali.

BHA are also involved in the following programs:

Community Relations & Charity
Developing orphanages programs and disability programs

Education & Training
Developing programs for training and learning, scholarships and internship

Working together with No-profit organizations on environment, eco- tourism projects

General Affairs/Government Relations
Getting updated on the latest regulations and to create awareness to all members and public in general

Marketing & Public Relations  
Focusing on promotions of Bali as a destination

Safety & Security
Integrating security System between BHA members and Police Department, Tsunami Ready Preparedness

Sport & Cultural Activities
Participating in friendship sport & cultural carnivals or competitions among members and public

thumb Bali is My Life

"Bali is my life" - this is a powerful statement that reflects the fact that Bali is not just like any tourist destination but a beautiful island that is owned and lived by the Balinese who welcome visitors to enjoy the island.

thumb Our Hotels & Resorts

Bali Hotels Association is a professional association of star-rated hotels and resorts in Bali. Members include general managers from more than 126 hotels and resorts,representing 23,344 hotel rooms and 28,391 employees in the Bali hotel sector.

thumb Our Programs

Living in a Balinese community is ruled by the local philosophy called the "gotong royong" which means joined responsibility and mutual cooperation.

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Interested in working in Bali's exciting Hospitality industry? Check out positions listed by our member hotels. 

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Check out our our advertiser and supporters. Contact us to find out how you can list your business here. 

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