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Bali A New Kind of Adventure

This latest campaign video series by Bali Hotels Association, Bali Is My Life, follows a couple’s daily adventures in Bali over a series of six days. Each video provides links to information on the Bali Hotels Association website www.balihotelsassociation.com where viewers can gain access to the latest information provided by international organizations such as WHO and UNWTO as well as Indonesian Government sites. The information provided covers travel restrictions, public health and safety measures such as physical distancing, wearing of facemasks, and other useful information that will allow visitors to Bali to make responsible and well-informed decisions on how to minimize risks related to Coronavirus while planning their holiday and travels.

The key message is for travelers to enjoy Bali, travel responsibly and take in the Balinese culture and hospitality on each day of their adventures, in a way that will emotionally resonate with them. Bali Hotels Association also wants to show that Bali offers more than just the parties and late nights, as there are also uniquely beautiful parts of the island that the couple captures while experiencing this new kind of adventure.


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"Bali is my life" - this is a powerful statement that reflects the fact that Bali is not just like any tourist destination but a beautiful island that is owned and lived by the Balinese who welcome visitors to enjoy the island.

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Bali Hotels Association is a professional association of star-rated hotels and resorts in Bali. Members include general managers from more than 157 hotels and resorts,representing 27,148  hotel rooms and 35,849 employees in the Bali hotel sector.

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Living in a Balinese community is ruled by the local philosophy called the "gotong royong" which means joined responsibility and mutual cooperation.

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Interested in working in Bali's exciting Hospitality industry? Check out positions listed by our member hotels. 

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