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Being in Bali lets you experience the endless series of offerings, purification, processions, dances, and dozens of other religious rites that Balinese devote their lives to.

They believe that life on earth is one stage in the continuity of existence. The cycle begins at birth and it is a cherished event. The umbilical cord is preserved and kept for life, and the birth is attended by the entire family and a holy man who invokes spiritual powers to aid the delivery. Death is merely a rite of passage when the soul is freed. It will commence its great journey before being reborn into a future generation.

There is a myriad of festivals in Bali. Some are dedicated to the art of woodcarving, the birth of a goddess, and percussion instruments. Other festivals include temple festivals, fasting & retreat ceremonies, parades to the sea to cleanse villages, special prayers for the dead, nights of penance (sivaratri), harvest festivals (usaba), blood sacrifices, and house deity anniversaries (odalan sangguh).

Religious festivals include odalan, which signifies the anniversary of a temple's founding. These festivals last a couple of days to a week. Temples are beautifully bedecked with flowers, palm leaves, flags and bamboo towers, complete with noisy parades, food offerings, and prayers that add religious fervor to the festive ambience.

Bali Art Festival (PKB):
Is the biggest annual art and cultural event in Bali from June to July. The art festival takes involvement of all Balinese people, artists and participants from all over places in Indonesia & in the world. The art happening lasts for a month and is concentrated at art Center, Denpasar.

Bali Kite Festival:
This held between July or August with concentrated in Padang Galak, Sanur, while there is strong wind. In this festival, big and beautiful kites of 10-m long compete one another, respecting the best skill and creativity of Balinese people.

Kuta Carnival: Taking place in the most visited tourist spot in Bali, Kuta Carnival captures the eyes of many visitors towards year end particularly around October or September every year. Activities live up the event include beach sport, art and cultural festival, food festival concentrated in Kuta area.

Nusa Dua Fiesta:
Every Year Nusa Dua and Peninsula island become the host of Nusa Dua Fiesta that takes place four to five days in the month of October. This event bring to state any cultural shows from many regions in Indonesia, art works, sports, musical shows and exhibition

Bali 10 K : In Every August, Bali hosts an international sport event, Bali 10K, in celebrating Bali’s anniversary on August 14th. The annual sport  event is opened  to national to international elite runners also public in general and the students.

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival: The prominent event taking location in Ubud area in October consist of a series of agenda, such us workshop, intensive discussion, private interviews, and other interesting programs. Ubud Writers & Readers Festival now is recorded as on of six best literary festivals in the world, which has helped produce world-class writers after series of its organizations  

Sanur Village Festival: The green view and harmonious living that pose as the backgrounds for Sanur Villages inspires the organization of Sanur Village festival. Taking place in the important tourist spot in the island, the festival introduces several activities like cultural show, water sport adventures, musical event and culinary festival. The local people join with the international community to take pleasure from the festivity

Bali Fashion Week: Is the most prestigious world class event that combines fashion, art and culture in one event. Hundreds of fashion businessmen and related business from local and international companies join in the weeklong event that have routine agenda like carnival, seminar,

Bali Spirit  Festival: Held in April or May represent the expressions of love to yoga, dance, music, involving big talents from Bali, Indonesia and the world. Taking place in exclusive Ubud area, each participant delivers positive energy which blows good influence to the community and the living in general.

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"Bali is my life" - this is a powerful statement that reflects the fact that Bali is not just like any tourist destination but a beautiful island that is owned and lived by the Balinese who welcome visitors to enjoy the island.

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Living in a Balinese community is ruled by the local philosophy called the "gotong royong" which means joined responsibility and mutual cooperation.

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