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Bali Is My Life Movie Trailer


“Bali is my Life” is a multi-faceted documentary film project (inspired by the BHA “Bali is my Life” campaign), rooted in respect and care for the island’s cultures and eco-systems. Supported by many of Bali’s most respected brands and produced by an award-winning international team, the film is luminous with images of Bali’s rich traditional culture and breathtaking natural beauty.

Most importantly, “Bali is my Life” features many of the positive, optimistic people and projects based on the island, working together to maintain and enhance Bali’s world-famous harmony and beauty in a sustainable, compassionate way.

The unifying message is clear: Bali is a living treasure that deserves to be cared for. The film is an act of devotion, a prayer that the Bali we all know and love may continue to flourish for future generations.

The film has been shot in High Definition, utilizing the most current tools of modern independent film-making. The soundtrack consists of original recordings, composed and performed by many of Bali’s finest contemporary musicians, and recorded at a world-class facility.

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"Bali is my life" - this is a powerful statement that reflects the fact that Bali is not just like any tourist destination but a beautiful island that is owned and lived by the Balinese who welcome visitors to enjoy the island.

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Living in a Balinese community is ruled by the local philosophy called the "gotong royong" which means joined responsibility and mutual cooperation.

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