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Update as of June 06 2021 

The Governement vaccination program continues in Bali with just over 650,000 full vaccinated as of June 2nd 2021. 

There is still no official infomation on what kind of visa will be required by visitors from the "travel bubble" countries. Tourists must have a negative PCR test result before leaving [their departure point] and after arriving in Indonesia. The government will also ensure foreign tourists entering the country have been vaccinated against Covid-19. The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy has finalized the cooperation plan to open foreign tourist gates with 4 countries through the travel bubble scheme. These countries include the Middle East, such as the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, China, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

As of June 01, the 5-day quarantine period is still in place and only via Jakarta. 

 Update as of 31 March 2021

The Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration has announced new rules for visas and stay permits during the “New Habit Adaptation Period”, based on the Director-General of Immigration circular letter number IMI-0661.GR.01.01 of 2021.
According to the @DitjenImigrasi social media accounts, the regulations on the prohibition of entry into Indonesia and the granting of visit visas and limited stay visas are still valid. Applicants must follow the regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights number 26 of 2020, concerning visas and residence permits during the adaptation period of new habits.

Covers three sections; foreigners holding several specific visas and stay permits, visit visas, and limited stay visa.
The free visa, or visit visa, and visit visa on arrival for Rp500,000 are still not being issued.

Foreigners who can enter Indonesia are holders of:
Service visa;
Diplomatic visa;
Visit visa;
Limited residence visa;
Official stay permit;
Diplomatic stay permit;
Limited stay permit;
Permanent stay permited
Transportation crew members who come using their own means of transportation;
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (KPP APEC) Businessman Travel Cardholders;
International transit passengers.

Visit visas that can be granted are for foreigners who carry out the following activities:
Emergency and urgent trips;
Undertaking business talks;
Purchasing goods;
Skills testing for prospective foreign workers;
Medical and food aid and support personnel;
Joining a ship or other means of transportation in Indonesia.
As for the limited stay visa, it can be issued to carry out work and/or non-working purposes.
Limited stay visa for work can be granted to foreigners in the following cases:
As an expert;
Joining a ship, working on offshore equipment, or installations operating in the archipelago waters, territorial sea, or continental shelf, as well as the Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone;
Supervising the quality of goods or production;
Performing inspections or audits at company branches in Indonesia;
Servicing after sales;
Installing and repairing machinery;
Performing non-permanent work in the context of construction;
Prospective foreign workers who will work in the context of testing skills.

Meanwhile, a limited stay visa for non-working purposes can be granted to foreigners in the following cases:

Conducting foreign investment;
Family reunification;
International elderly tourists.
Visa applications should be done by attaching an application letter addressed to the Director-General of Immigration and sending it to visa@imigrasi.go.id. or contact a visa agent.

The following documents will need to be attached:

Guarantor’s identity documents
Applicant’s identity documents
The email address of the guarantor
The guarantor’s KTP number
Application number of any previously applied for a visa

Update as of 29 March 2021



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Bali Hotels Association is a professional association of star-rated hotels and resorts in Bali. Members include general managers from more than 157 hotels and resorts,representing 27,148  hotel rooms and 35,849 employees in the Bali hotel sector.

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