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Educate A Child

The Bali Hotels Association has teamed up with YKIP and the Annika Linden Foundation to support those poor kids who cannot afford to go to school by supporting the "Kembali" programme.


The "KEMBALI" Back to School Fund is a scholarship programme established in October 2004 by YKIP (Yayasan Kemanusian Ibu Pertiwi) to assist impoverished children in Bali with their educational costs.

One of the roots of poverty is the lack of basic education. And it is difficult to send your children to school if you cannot afford the fees. Since the economic downturn in Indonesia in 1998, many families are finding it difficult to school their children.

In Bali the October 2002 bomb blast tragedy compounded this. Too many children are now dropping out of school even before they have reached the end of Junior High School; some are even quitting in Primary grades.

You can help by sponsoring a child's education - either part of it until he or she graduates from Junior High School. (The Indonesian Govenrment mandates that children go to school for nine years) or even Senior High School.

This programme began in October 2004 in the regency of Gianyar, where 5,731 families live below the poverty line. Over one thousand children aged 5-16 are in danger of becoming drop-outs.

It costs approximately US$150 per year to educate a child in primary school and US$220 a year for Junior High School (this includes the administrative costs. please see for details)

What do you get for your donation

When YKIP receives your donation, they match you with a child or children. That child's photograph, name, age and grade level will be sent to you electronically or through the post. For an additional donation of US$50 to cover costs, they will also send you their report cards (twice a year) as well as photographs of their family and living situation. If you come to Bali then YKIP can also arrange a site visit.

Donations can be made to YKIP General Funds account (with the notation funds are for "KEMBALI") by wire transfer to:

Bank Permata Tbk
Denpasar Branch 601                           SWIFT Code: BBB AIDJA
Jl Dewi Sartika Kav 88                           Account No US$: 5802 163 330
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia                    Account No Rp:   5801 261 460

Please advise YKIP via email of your transfer ( so that they may verify and acknowledge receipt of your donation. Please include the following information with your donation:

Name or Company (if applicable)
Telephone number
Email Address
Sending Bank
Date of Transfer
Amount of Transfer
Account funds were sent to (US Dollar or Indonesian Rupiah)

Credit card donations either one-time or monthly can be made via the National Heritage Foundation.
Click here to download form. If you pay US Taxes, these donations are tax-deductable.

For further information please see the  YKIP  website

YKIP Jalan Kediri No 38
Kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Phone (62-361) 759544    Fax: (62-361)755024

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