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BHA Community Program -  Orphanage Charity Project

An invitation to join and support the underprivileged kids of Bali,
together we can create a better life for all........

Started late on 2008, Bali Hotels Association initiated the Orphanage Charity Project to support the orphanage houses that are located across 9 regions of Bali. Under the direction of Jose Luis Calle, Board Director in charge for Community Relations and Charity, a small group of volunteers was conducting a survey on the conditions of each orphanage house, the number of kids, their welfare, education and health.

Having identified nearly 90 orphanages in Bali  the participatory community has already conducted surveys to approximately 44 orphanages houses throughout Bali showing that approximately 1500 orphanage kids lived in a poor conditions, educations are not being placed as priority, health and welfare of the kid need a lot of attention.  Most of the houses are in bad surrounding due to lack of management and funding as well as isolation as the intention was to focus first on remote areas rather than those close to developed areas. 

In 2018/2019 BHA managed to identify another 21 orphanages in various areas in Bali. 

In 2020 we continue to support orphanges in  various areas in Bali.

The objectives
BHA Orphanage Charities Project's objective is to provide Balinese children growing up in the orphanage house with conducive environment, health, skills and education aiming to develop those as  independent, productive and healthy individuals when they leave the orphanages and enter society.

To invite and encourage association members to adopt one of the orphanage house in Bali, manage and support it on regular basis providing their basic needs, educational,  as well as the emotional.

Together we can create a better life for all.

Facts :

1.The average living cost per child / month is @  Rp. 300,000  

2. Educational cost is approximately Rp. 60.000,- /month 
3. Total number of orphanage houses in Bali is 90 spread out in 9 districts, providing place to live for approximately 1200 kids.

4. Age range in majority- from 3 years old to 11 years old.

5. Adoption -  the Indonesian law is very strict and complicated. Proper test on financial, mental and security for the potential parents are required.

6. Only few qualified institution get Government funding, approximately Rp. 3,000,- / day/ child.  Some government school offers free education applies only for preliminary school.

7. Kids that are abandoned mostly come from North and East Bali as well as NTT

How to get involved?

Adopting the orphanage house
If your organization would like to sponsor or adopt a particular orphanage house, please send an email to Jean Heliere and specify the particular orphanage house you wish to sponsor or adopt. We will then send you information on that orphanage house, and contact you to set up a schedule for a site visit in order to better understand the actual needs of the orphanage and consequently prepare a donation / action plan for each entity. Every orphanage house is different, so it is important to identify further requirements by visiting the location.
Click here to view a map of the locations. From the map you will be able to click on each location and see a report on each orphanage.

We also encourage larger properties possibly with additional funding, to sponsor those larger orphanages in need or those located in remote areas leaving smaller orphanages to those members that may have limited funds to support the program on regular basis.

Individual sponsorship
'Educational Sponsorships' is one of the program for the kids residing in poor orphanages.  In this program, individual orphans have been identified who have educational needs that are not covered by the government or other avenues.  The sponsor (an individual person or group or organization) can contribute monthly or in one large amount toward the child's education, and will receive periodic reports on their sponsored child's progress.  
BHA Community Committee will coordinate those children and the funds donated in order to secure proper education / payments to schools and related unless a hotel member is taking care of that orphanage for which the funds will be coordinated by the hotel member community committee designated for coordinating all the activities in sponsored orphanage.

Any sponsorship related to medical/ physical needs, educational/ training needs, social / emotional needs. Those will be address to each hotel member directly or through BHA.  

Together, we can change the lives of these children, from their youth to adulthood by simply caring and believing in their future.

Do you have a website?
If you do, please help to create awareness of BHA Orphanage Charity Project.

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