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Safety & Security

Security and Safety is at center stage with BHA

As an organization of over 100 star rated member hotels BHA sets standards, not just in Bali but also in Indonesia and even on international level.

A full time BHA security and safety executive ensures that BHA hotels are informed about security and safety related developments, current affairs and best practices. The BHA security managers association serves as a platform to all BHA security managers, enabling the exchange of information, targeted training as well as professional collaboration in challenging situations.

BHA is developing security related documents, manuals and SOP’s [standard operating procedures] on a wide range of subjects from counter terrorism to natural disaster preparedness - from crime prevention to emergency management. Some BHA resources are developed in close cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism [BUDPAR] and supplied all over Indonesia in English as well as Bahasa Indonesia.

BHA is a major contributor to the ministerial ‘Tourism Security and Safety Resource Centre’, an internet based knowledge management system - providing professional ‘hands on’ security and safety related advice to a wide audience within the tourism and travel industry. ‘Sharing’ with other stakeholders is considered a vital and important component of BHA’s security and safety culture.

BHA’s tsunami preparedness initiatives and standards were recognized by the United Nations as best practice example for ‘Disaster Risk Reduction in Public Private Partnership’. The island state of Barbados is utilizing BHA’s ‘Tsunami Ready Toolbox’.

BHA operates its own tsunami early warning information system, providing peace of mind and decision making aids to all participating hotels.

As a founder and sponsor of the ‘Integrated Police Radio Community Bali’ [IPRC] BHA underlines it’s believe that security and safety is team - work requiring the support of all parts of society. IPRC connects tourism related businesses directly to the police via UHF radio providing reliable communications even under emergency conditions.

Together with its partners Bali Hotels Association organizes trainings, workshops, seminars and discussion forums.

Community empowerment is another focus of BHA. The association provided 10.000 emergency telephone cards to the Balinese, and works on community security awareness and health programs. An awarded cooperation project with the coastal village of Tanjung Benoa provides shelter to locals in case of a tsunami alarm.

BHA is monitoring current security and safety as well as health related affaires in Bali as well as Indonesia, raising its voice, providing input and supporting public as well as private initiatives. One example is BHA’s commitment in the fight against rabies in Bali.

BHA is cooperating with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations [ASEAN] in the drafting of ASEAN wide tourism security and safety standards as stipulated in the ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan 2011 – 2015.

For further information on BHA’s security and safety initiatives please contact:

Mr. Alexander Kesper

BHA Security and Safety Executive


+628191 623 17 63





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